GTB Retail's 5th Anniversary: Grocery Stores with Reused Interiors

On this 5th anniversary of the GTB Area Retail Blog, we are going to look at 2 locally owned grocery stores in the Tampa Bay Area that happen to have reused interiors from former supermarkets. All photos are courtesy of Google Maps. Brandon Meats & Market 247 W. Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL Opened in 2014. This building was formerly Dockside Imports and a mattress store. This exterior photo from 2017 shows the original sign at the front of the building. In 2018, a new sign was installed. Otherwise, the building looks the same as it did in 2017. At the entrance, we can clearly see how this store utilizes a mixture of signage from Publix and the former Sweetbay Supermarket. Here's another look at the Publix/Sweetbay combination interior that this store is using. The "Fresh Dairy" sign is from the first Sweetbay interior used from 2004 to 2013. The "Beef" and "Pork" category signs are from the most recent Sweetbay interior used in 2013 and 2014. The aisl

Save A Lot #307 (US 301) - Riverview, FL

U-Save Supermarkets #41/Bealls Outlet #335 & Save A Lot #307 9624 US 301, Riverview, FL - Riverview Oaks Shopping Center Originally opened as U-Save store #41 in 1983 and closed in 2008. In 2009, the space was subdivided into Bealls Outlet #335 and Save A Lot #307 with Bealls Outlet being a relocation from 9630 US 301, which is currently home to Party Liquors since 2021 and formerly a gym named The Sports Club from 2016 to 2020. The entire plaza is still owned by B&B Corporate Holdings, which is a holdover from when U-Save operated here. Also, both the former U-Save and the current Save A Lot have the word "save" in their names, which emphasizes them as discount grocery stores. Save A Lot's way of inserting a quarter into a shopping cart is similar to what Aldi uses. Save A Lot. Like, a lot a lot. Since this space is split into two tenants, Save A Lot's address is 9624-A, while Bealls Outlet's is just 9624. This particular Save A Lot has two sets of combin

Bed Bath & Beyond is Now Closed

On April 23, 2023, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It's subsidiary Buy Buy Baby was also included. The combined 482 stores closed on July 30, 2023, marking an end to Bed Bath & Beyond after 52 years and Buy Buy Baby after 27 years. Here is a GTB Retail blog post on one of the former Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Brandon, Florida. Bed Bath & Beyond #69 320 Brandon Town Center Drive, Brandon, FL Bed Bath & Beyond #69 opened in 1995. This store was remodeled in 2019 and closed in April 2023. Welcome home to (the now-closed) Bed Bath & Beyond! Health & beauty products are found in the leftmost side of the store, after you pass the checkouts. Aisles 4 and 3 have wellness products. I am not sure of what's on aisle 2 since there are no category signs. One of the many travel products, including baby care. The first aisle is also in the travel section. Aisle 4 has shaving and body care products. This is one of 3 wellness aisles. The last